15 July, 2009


I know there is the idea of luck and there are an abundence of poor players who call or shove with any two cards,but how many times can you run into players who have both.


05 July, 2009

Donk me once, more fool me.....

Is this the donkeys day out or something? AK twice called, once by J2 [which made a straight on the river] then my all-in (12BBs) was called by Q6 soooted [the 6 hit, on the river].

Im miffed.

03 July, 2009

Another deep FR

More FR cashing going on - this time 46th from 1371 runners $2.69 into an empty account.

28 June, 2009


Just found the (full) Glastonbury appearance by Radiohead in 2003 on YouTube - excellent for body & soul.

Continued grinding in a FR stylee

Another day and a few more FRs to play - the OFC is a must for Cardschat, although a great first hour (doubling up off a gobby loser who was all-in everyhand), sucked out of the LNP Round 2 (flopped a set he hit runner-runner to make a straight :().
Finally and best of all for results was a FantasyPoker game that i didnt realise i was in lol. After sharing the blinds with another (7 players sitting out) the bubble came and went. Blinds went up, i doubled up, then lost, then another big pot before finally slipping out 32nd from 731.